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We live in a purpose-confused culture. We all long for purpose but have no idea where to find it. Ken’s new book is an inspiring journey of answering life’s greatest question—why am I here?

Andy Steiger

Author, Thinking? Answering Life’s Five Biggest Questions

The Quest For Purpose is a fabulous handbook to help each of us attain better self-awareness to help us find our desired path. To get to where we want to go, first we must better understand where we are. Of the many books offering guidance in this area, Dr. Ken Keis offers the most practical, straightforward, and user-friendly approach I’ve seen. This is a must-read and must-do!

Bob Schoultz

30-Year U.S. Navy SEAL; CEO, Fifth Factor Leadership

Weaving mindsets into clarity of purpose and putting meaning before purpose builds on earlier work of finding the power of Personal Style… Ken Keis keeps “nudging” us to be all we can be.

Rich Feller, Ph.D.

Past President, National Career Development Association

Clarifying what you really want in life is a mystery for millions of people around the world. Discovering your true purpose requires an even deeper level of awareness and understanding. This is where the magic happens, and author Ken Keis has simplified the way to fulfillment and happiness in his groundbreaking book, The Quest For Purpose.

Buy it, study it, and craft your own unique life-changing purpose. Then watch your energy and confidence soar!

Les Hewitt, The Focus Coach

Author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller, The Power of Focus

Our journey of discovery in our lives is often compared to peeling off the layers of an onion. Ken’s book makes this a joyful experience with only tears of joy. The reader is able to easily move deeper into the realm of self-discovery, self-awareness, and self-acceptance. I recommend the book highly and will be using it with my clients who want to experience the fullness of a maximum purposed life. Bravo, Ken.

Murray Lengyel, PCC

Executive Coach, 2Eagles Coaching and Consulting

Ken’s previous book, My Source Experience Journal, proved to be transformational for my life, my family, and my business. I was excited to receive this new, enhanced version that provides a deeper dive into discovering the possibilities for living life On Purpose. With additional content on Mindset and Character, The Quest For Purpose provides a truly holistic approach to discovering your calling and realizing your potential in all areas of life.

The Quest For Purpose offers clear information, direction, processes, exercises, industry-leading assessments, and action planning that will actively engage you in discovering your true passions. This book is essential for anyone who wishes to develop their self-awareness, design a roadmap for crafting a life of intention, and have a sustainable plan for living life On Purpose.

Jan Streeton

Senior Consultant, Macca Information Systems, Inc.

The Quest For Purpose offers a transformative roadmap for a daring life of substance and significance. Segmented self-awareness exercises, autobiographical insights, and reflections on meaning, mindset, character, and structure provide a rigorous growth formula for navigating your life in our complex world with satisfying intention. I highly commend this self-guided book to you. Get it, put in the work it requires, and note its positive effects on you and those around you!

James Penner

Sociologist/Consultant, James Penner and Associates

The Quest For Purpose: A Self-Discovery Process on How to Find It and Live It! is the latest outstanding edition in Dr. Ken Keis’ valuable resources for professionals in the helping professions, leaders of organizations, or anyone who wants to improve their life or career. As an executive and leadership coach for CEOs, senior executives, and business owners for the past 20 years, I look for and use resources for my clients that are grounded in good research but also that are practical and useful. Dr. Keis has hit the target with a bullseye.

The Quest For Purpose skillfully draws upon research and experts in neuroscience, psychology, and leadership and is illustrated with numerous personal stories that make the book immensely readable. Reading in the book the description of finding one’s purpose in life as a guide for choice and decision-making is critical for all of us, and brings back for me the importance of life’s purpose as a result of surviving, with my family, a POW Camp in WWII, and later reading Victor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning.

I particularly liked how Dr. Keis interwove in an integrated way the use of assessments (some of which I regularly use with my clients) with an examination of self-awareness, self-worth, motivation, habits, mindset, and making change in a way that was both easy to understand and included action-oriented steps for implementation. The activities and questions in the book are very helpful for the reader as a template for making personal change. As Ken points out, today’s world presents so many negative and restraining forces that can fractionalize our lives and create unnecessary stress.

I highly recommend The Quest For Purpose to anyone wishing to gain clarity and make positive changes in their lives. I know it will occupy an ongoing valuable place on my bookshelf.

Dr. Ray Williams

President and CEO, Ray Williams Associates, Inc.
Author, Eye of the Storm: How Mindful Leaders Can Transform Chaotic Workplaces

Ken has mastered the art of helping others understand their inner journey of discovering and creating meaning and purpose. In this book, he walks you through a step-by-step process so that you become the explorer, discoverer, and builder of your own inner architecture.

What you gain by going through this process is clarity about everything that is important to you so that it is organized and useful to you when you must make critical life decisions and plans. If you have been searching to understand yourself better, this book will walk you through the territory you must sojourn so that you leave no stone unturned in discovering your identity, value, meaning, and purpose of your life…so you will be able to better live it On Purpose instead of by accident!

Terry D. Anderson, Ph.D.

Chief Leadership Officer, International Academy of Public Safety
Author, Transforming Leadership

Sadly, we spend more time picking a cell phone than we do pursuing our purpose. The Quest For Purpose helped me unpack my past, discover my purpose, and begin living without limits. I’m confident this process will make me a better husband, a better parent, and a better friend. Thank you, Ken. And no, I haven’t found a cell phone that can do any of these things.

  Richard Hewitt, Ph.D.

Finally—a practical, adaptive, and holistic book about purpose. The Quest For Purpose demystifies what purpose truly is and one that simplifies the nebulous notions and concepts of what it takes to find your purpose.

In this research-based book, Ken approaches purpose by using a developmental model, which accommodates an individual’s uniqueness, rather than using the traditional theoretical or formulaic models. This allows for purpose to fit into a person’s life rather than the other way around.

Ken’s personal vulnerabilities (experience) that are expressed throughout this book give the reader practical and relatable examples along with injecting humor and wit. He inspires hope for all by sharing real-life stories—both the successes and the setbacks. The Quest For Purpose can be a tool used by professionals and businesspeople; however, it really is a tool that every person needs to read and then complete. It is a book that is not too heady or difficult to follow, nor does it include a lot of stuffy nonsense that can complicate a person’s desire to discover their own purpose.

As a professional that works in the “people” business, I will be highly recommending The Quest For Purpose for each of the individuals that will attend our Man of Honor Intensive. Finally, if you or someone you know doesn’t fit into an existing purpose mold (box), or if you are uncertain or unclear of your own unique purpose, then this book is designed for you, as it will help you determine and define what your unique purpose is.

Brian Bercht

Passionate Life Seminars

Ken Keis’ The Quest For Purpose drills a whole lot deeper than any of the traditional “self-help” books on the market. This book is not for cowards. If the reader is willing to devote the time and energy to read, understand, digest, and then apply all (and even some) of Ken’s suggestions, he or she will learn how to combine their career, relationships, interests, and hobbies into a clear view of their life purpose.

While not everyone will have the energy and dedication that Dr. Keis put into HIS quest for purpose, any reader can profit from any one of the dozens of ideas and activities in this book.

Richard Knowdell

Author, Building a Career Development Program

A few years ago, when mid-life crisis had confused me with my life purpose, I chose to participate in the Dr. Keis-led CRG 3-Day Assessment Systems Certification Workshop. Today, I am living On Purpose (again) as a coach and mentor assisting leaders to live all they are called to be—and I’m loving it! The Quest For Purpose encapsulates the fullness of that training, which helped me sort out my life priorities and calling. If you are unsure of where your life is heading, this book is for you! Seldom is a book so clear on things that really matter—which is living life On Purpose!

Pastor Paul J. Loewen

Coach, Mediator, Church Consultant

A few years ago, I read a book in which the author stated he believed an overwhelming number of people never come close to reaching their potential. What a waste! For those wanting to push through the barriers, but thought they couldn’t, Ken’s personal discoveries, as outlined in The Quest For Purpose, will open new doors and provide a very practical framework for charting their own path to growth, meaning, and real freedom.

Ron Goerz

Business Coach, Eagles Edge Leadership, Inc.

Get ready for an extraordinary life change. The Quest For Purpose will enable you to realize your potential, become self-aware, and live your life On Purpose. For many seekers, trying to find their life’s purpose might seem like an overwhelming challenge, but Ken Keis provides a roadmap to personal fulfillment. The Quest For Purpose sheds needed light on your journey to self-awareness. Dr. Keis guides you through each step, illuminating concepts with examples. You’ll get a glimpse into Ken’s own real-life journey and then follow along your own path in a practical and meaningful way.

This book offers a holistic tactical and spiritual approach to living On Purpose. Assignments help you uncover your own Personal Style preferences and embrace your values, goals, and desires. By engaging in an introspective look at your own health, wellness, self-esteem, and self-worth, you will gain an energy and passion that is in congruence with your values.

The Quest For Purpose uses four assessments—the Personal Style Indicator (PSI), Values Preference Indicator (VPI), Stress Indicator and Health Planner (SIHP), and Self-Worth Inventory (SWI)—to form the foundation for thought-provoking exercises. This structure helps you to intentionally engage in changing your perspective. You’ll gain a sense of achievement from planning, guiding, and controlling your own future.

If you want to find your purpose, consider this book a gift to yourself. You will take positive and proactive action to generate momentum as you take steps toward living your life On Purpose.

Sharon Graham

Founder and Executive Director, Career Professionals of Canada
Author, Best Canadian Resumes Series

The timing of this written creation The Quest For Purpose couldn’t be better. When the majority of people are either adrift or scattered, this book creates the framework and process for empowering anyone to connect with their purpose, which is very individual and personal. I have believed and witnesses firsthand how powerful it is for people to live in alignment with who they are and their highest personal values, when they truly want to experience an extraordinary life. Within The Quest For Purpose, Ken Keis brilliantly integrates the foundational element of personal Purpose to facilitate the connection to their own. Ken, you’ve done it yet again in offering us this gift. I’m already looking forward to sharing this with my past, current, and future clients, contacts, and friends who are ready and willing to live their extraordinary life.

Patrick von Pander, BBA, CRGCT

Master Certified Business, Corporate, and Life Coach


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